Month: October 2016

Mondays are rough sometimes. We have so much fun with Dad all weekend that Mondays feel kind of boring in comparison. Although we’re always running around, I thought we’d switch things up and go to the pumpkin patch! Charlotte had so much fun. She’s finally at the age where she can look forward to activities we mention we’re going to try, and she’s been asking about this for awhile! Although Jake didn’t tag along, this was quite an easy little trip. Glad we finally got to check off “Punkins” off of Charlotte’s list.


If you know me, you know I do not have a green thumb, but we are blessed with awesome grandparents that spoil us with pumpkins from their garden. Even though we already have a few on our doorstep this was a fun activity that got us out of the house. I highly recommend going to a pumpkin patch if you want a simple & potentially free activity with lots of cute pictures.


img_2906 img_2910 img_2913

Charlotte picked the cutest pumpkin and gave it to her “brudder”






I’m glad I get to hold the camera, I was definitely not “photoshoot” ready. But these ankle boots always make me feel kind of put together. Go get you a pair if you don’t have some yet 😉 Target has some adorable ones here.



Now if only I could get excited about Halloween costumes! Wish me luck friends. Hope you all get the chance to head on over to your local pumpkin patch. Feel free to invite us if you do, I’d go again 😉








This last Monday, Jake had surgery on his throat and nose. He’s not a complainer, but if you’ve heard anything about Tonsillectomy’s in adults, you know it’s no walk in the park. As if an uncomfortable husband weren’t enough, I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday too. We just thought we’d just have a week of down time together and call it good. Do as I say folks, not as I do. Don’t undergo surgery the same week as your spouse, just don’t.


We most definitely could not have survived this last week if it wasn’t for family and friends. Whether it was watching our kids, sending us cheerful messages, or dropping off delicious food.


This last week has been difficult to say the least, on him, on me, on our kids, and because of that, I was not excited for General Conference. Charlotte is 2 years old and I swear sometimes has the attention span of a goldfish.  Haha she’s actually brilliant, but when confined to one area of the house she tends to get distracted easily and won’t stop moving. Hudson on the other hand, is almost 7 months old, and not mobile yet. (Thank goodness) BUT his separation anxiety game is strong. So my chubby-squirrel-cheeked self was preparing for the worst.


This morning I wondered to myself, Why fight my kids during General Conf.? It would be way easier to pop in Finding Nemo and call it good.  But for some reason Heavenly Father threw some extra kindness my way because he knew I needed General Conference. My kids weren’t angels, but they did better than I expected after several hours of quite time. Jake slept in between sessions, my ibuprofen managed my smaller yet present pain, and I got to taken in the talks that continue to give me the boost I didn’t know I needed.


Hudson enjoying his apple.
Hudson dropping same apple.
img_2812Charlotte eating the apple he just dropped.
Char sharing because I needed this “tender moment” to survive today.
img_2829Another adorable shot of Char being nice to her little brother.   img_2833
Hudson going for her sippy cup. (This is where it all goes bad)img_2855
Charlotte clearly upset about his “ridiculous” behavior. He did not ask if he could borrow it. (Mommy had to stop taking pics at this point because things got rowdy.)




Like I just mentioned, before conference I thought the easier thing to do would to pop in Frozen and call it a day, instead of hearing Charlotte ask me to change the channel a million times. I could maybe read the conference talks later, but let’s be honest here, when would I have found the time? I’m so glad I powered through my initial thoughts and presumptions on how hard today was going to be and listened to conference.


Elder K. Brett Nattress gave a talk today that felt like it was directed at me. He answered the question I had in my mind earlier today. Here’s a summary of what he said that spoke directly to my mama heart…. (courtesy of


“If all that your children knew of the gospel came from you—as their only source—how much would they know?” This question applies to all those who love, mentor, and influence children.


Is there any greater gift that we can impart to our children than a memory burned deep into their heart that we know that our Redeemer lives? Do they know that we know? And more important, have they come to know for themselves that He lives? …


I don’t know if anything in this world could bring more happiness and joy than to know that our children know the Savior, to know that they know “to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.” That is why, as members of the Church, “we preach of Christ” and we testify of Christ (2 Nephi 25:26).


  • That is why we pray with our children every day.
  • That is why we read the scriptures with them every day.
  • That is why we teach them to serve others, so that they can hold claim upon the blessings of finding themselves as they lose themselves in the service of others (see Mark 8:35Mosiah 2:17).

As we devote ourselves to these simple patterns of discipleship, we empower our children with the love of the Savior and with divine direction and protection as they face the fierce winds of the adversary.”


This is why we watch conference. This is why I watch. Not only to be uplifted by these wiser general authorities, but to teach my children that I love my Savior. I want to teach my children to make service, kindness, and christ-like behavior a priority in their lives. Although my kids are still little, I know I’m forming good habits with them. I do this because I love them. I’m so grateful families can be together forever! I’m obsessed with the little souls my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with and will continue to watch conference because of all the many blessings it brings.


Hope you all had a great conference weekend!



One of our new Conference weekend traditions.