Month: March 2017

It’s funny how being a mom influences everything I do EVERY DAY; Life’s awesome that way. One day you’re the kid, and the next you have the kid and you’re wondering how you ever lived without these little ones running around biting your ankles.


If you know me, you know I’m all about them deals. With that being said, I will most definitely pay full price on things I feel I need, that in my opinion are worth the price tag.


I also like looking presentable. I mean who doesn’t? If I’m leaving the house with my kids I try and look cute. Gone are the days where I used to sit in front of my closet and stare at my clothes for lengthy amounts of time, trying to find the perfect outfit. That’s a luxury I no longer have.


So now I’m all about comfort, convenience and how easily I can it can go from a regular everyday “mom outfit” to “Night out with Jake” without much extra effort on my behalf.



(Here’s me and the kids trying to act like we know what we’re doing.)


In the pictures above, we were actually just hanging out with friends. Sometimes I see pictures with perfect makeup, perfect hair, smiling children and it’s kind of intimidating. But I’ve finally realized you can look cute without having every hair in “perfect” place. You can actually see a bit of Bowen’s shirt and leg in the last picture. (Ps he’s Charlotte’s betrothed.) This is real life. 2/3 smiles is a win in my book.


So I’m here to give you an example of how I do just that in a few short minutes. I picked this beaut Ivory Tunic from Cents of Style because of how easily it could go from mom life to date night. I love how flattering the fit is and I don’t love shirts that are tight on my stomach very often (thank you kids).  They also have 9 other colors. I know right, you’re welcome. PS. Use the code TOPSTORY and it will make each tunic $19.95 + FREE SHIPPING. (The code is valid 3/24 – 3/26.)


I’m also trying to really hard to have only items I absolutely love in my closet, and it’s definitely easier said than done. Quality over quantity friends. Always.


I went from mom outfit to date night by adding some heels and another necklace. Simple as that. No unnecessary time standing in front of my closet. You could also pair it with a cute fitted jacket and lose the hat if it’s not your style.


Ps this shirt is a tunic, which is meant to be longer. Which also means you might be able to wear it if for some reason, let’s say, your stomach decides to grow 😉 Dual purpose!



Ivory Tunic: Cents of Syle | Hat (something similar): Forever21 | Choker (something similar & on sale): H&M | Dainty Necklace (something similar): Bohme (larger selection in store) | Black Jeggings : Hollister | Heels: Ross


I’d just like to end with saying that after I had my kids I didn’t feel 100% myself. I didn’t love clothes on me and walking the fine line between mom, wife, and me was hard. But it’s doable. Take baby steps. Go buy yourself one thing you love. Just one. Go for a walk. Do something for you. Everyone has to start somewhere and as long as you’re trying, you’re doing the best you can.









I remember being a first time stay at home mama with Charlotte and life being all sorts of confusing. I wouldn’t see anyone during the winter because I barricaded myself in the house. I didn’t want Charlotte sick and lets be honest, I let her dictate my life back then. I would make sure to come and go around her nap time schedule, and being home to nurse. Fast forward sometime and that is most definitely not the case with Hudson ha! Poor kid naps whenever he gets a second. I’m definitely on the move more with two than I ever was with one.


So whether you’re a first time mama or a cooler veteran, I’m hear to let you in on my winter time secret. We LOVE going to the library! Our local library has story time, play time, jumping up and down time, songs with frogs, zoo days, etc. Charlotte got to pet a skunk, a giant piggy and a hedgehog. They really didn’t bring the zoo to us, but it felt like it!


The coolest thing I’ve recently found is called the Community Exploration Card. What is the Community Exploration Card? I thought you’d never ask! Check it out below!




About the Community Exploration Card


The City Library opens doors to the community with the Community Exploration Card! Library cardholders can visit a number of Salt Lake City’s cultural centers for free by checking out a card from any branch of The City Library. With the Community Exploration Card, four people will be admitted to Discovery GatewayThe LeonardoNatural History Museum of UtahRed Butte Garden, and Utah Museum of Fine Arts (closed for renovation until spring 2017).


The Community Exploration Card is valid for general admission but not for special events or exhibits. A limited number of cards are available for check out at the beginning of each month and must be used during that month. To provide equitable access for everyone, cards are limited to one per household in a 12-month period.


So there you go!


But I should tell you a few details before you go running off to your local library…


There are only 4 Salt Lake County Libraries that carry these. The West Jordan, Sandy, Whitmore and Hunter Libraries. Each location ONLY has 4 cards that they give out that month and they’re first come first serve on the 1st of every month. (I know for a fact that the Sandy and West Jordan Libraries are out but I was told Whitmore library had 2 left as of 3:30pm today)


🙂 EEK!


Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! I hope you all get out more than I used to. It’s so much more fun getting out doors instead of being cooped up and the best part is that it’s FREE! Woo!