The Truth No One Tells You About Having 2 Kids.



I was a wreck after I had Charlotte. A hot mess, all day erryday. I seriously had no clue how people had more than one of these cute chubby cheeked babes.


BUT… when we decided to try for baby #2, I was determined to do it all differently. I was not going to gain 50 lbs. during my pregnancy like I did the first time. It just wasn’t going to happen. I was going to be a put together mama, I was going to exercise every day, eat only granola and kale, and have that glow about me every other pregnant mama seemed to effortlessly achieve.


BUT… (again) Life doesn’t usually happen the way I plan. If you didn’t know me personally during my second pregnancy I’ll have you know I did in fact gain the 50 lbs I so vigorously said I wouldn’t gain, and he came early, HA!


The only words of wisdom I have for you one-child moms (maybe soon to be two-child moms?) is, enjoy it.



Everyone reacts to these situations differently but what has helped me be a “good mom”, was to see examples of REAL women around me being fun, messy, loving moms. I want to go back and breathe in every moment with my only child, but since I can’t, I cherish my one on one time with my 2 beautiful kids, that much more.


My advice with 2 kids, plan and then do. I was always such a procrastinator, and waited to do everything until the very last second. You can’t do that with parenthood. At least I can’t.



Plan to leave the house. Whether it be a stroll around the neighborhood, a nearby park or the zoo. LEAVE the house. My kids get tired when we go have some fun and then they’re ready for naps. It might seem hard at first but it gets easier I promise. You definitely learn you took for granted just having to buckle and unbuckle one child when that number doubles.


Don’t take yourself too seriously. Growing up I had this idea of what I wanted my life to be. I wanted a white picket fence, a hot husband, and kids who thought I was awesome. I wasn’t going to be a lame mom. I didn’t aspire to be a Pinterest mom until I was pregnant. I don’t know why I let myself get wrapped up in it all. But I’ve learned I’m a much funner mom when I can laugh at myself instead of get angry my Pinterest cake didn’t turn out. Laugh at yourself more often, you’re fine. If you told your kids you loved them today, you’re doing great.



I try to be a fun mom, but sometimes I’m a crazy uptight freakazoid mom. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? I look at myself back then and how stressed I was about keeping Charlotte clean all of the time, making sure she was eating correctly and a million other unrealistic goals I had for my 9 month old and I laugh. It’s comical. I’ve learned a lot and my life would have been a little smoother on my emotional health if I would have just loosened the reigns. I think that’s what you learn going from 1 to 2 kids.



So here it is, are you ready? The truth know one tells you about having 2 kids is that it’s not that hard. Sure it’s an adjustment, but it’s not difficult if you have the right mindset. You’re going to do great. You’re going to love the second one just as much as the first and that seems impossible. I thought Charlotte was going to be my favorite child for the rest of forever and I was just never going to admit it to my second child haha. But that’s truly not the case. You love your children for their differences and even though I’ve known one longer than the other it’s still a draw. Crazy I know.


You’re not going to know how you get more accomplished somedays having 2 kids then you ever did with just 1. Or maybe that was just me? Maybe I was a late mom bloomer. But I did not get a lot accomplished with just one child. I kid you not, we do more, play more, and clean more efficiently now then when it was just the 2 of us. I’m thinking it might have something to do with 2 kids being able to entertain each other.


Long story short, it’s fun, chaotic and super stressful somedays but rewarding like you can’t imagine. You’re not going to have it all together all the time. It’s OK, and the sooner you learn/accept it the better. Take it from me, and that’s the truth.


– Signed A Recovering Perfectionist






Shout out to Evelyn Cervantes Photography for capturing my cute babes and their wonderful personalities, find more of her work here.




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