Maternity Clothes (finally done right) v 3.0

You would think after having my first child I would know exactly what I was doing. But alas, I’m not that lucky. When getting pregnant the second time I felt as ill prepared or more in many aspects because I had only ever had one child, not two. I had no clue what it was going to be like. I’d have twice as much to do overnight and that freaked me out. BUT it turned out having baby #2 wasn’t as hard as being a first time Mama was, at least not for me. I was so busy worrying about how Hudson was going to change our lives that I didn’t get the whole maternity clothes thing down the second time around either.


Now that I’ve been through 2 pregnancies and almost 3/4th of the way there with my 3rd, I thought I’d write this post!


They say 3rd times the charm! So here we go. Maternity clothes FINALLY done right (my version).





  1. Maternity Black leggings –

These bad boys are important because they’re comfier than jeans, and black goes with everything. I invested in some Blanqi maternity leggings because they were 50% off (here) and I’ll straight up give you the pros and cons. Pro – the compression is great all over but is relaxed on your belly which ups the comfy factor. Con – $$$. If these weren’t so expensive I would own 10.


My favorite affordable leggings I actually found at Target (here) – the holy grail of everything awesome. They’re the Ingrid & Isabel brand and I’m in love. Pro – $ and comfy, Con – definitely more see through than the Blanqi, you can feel the difference in the material but they work for me so, there you go.




  1. Maternity Skinny Jeans –

I’ve previously only shopped maternity jeans at Ross because I’ve (up to this point) been super stingy with Maternity clothing in the past. Don’t get me wrong I’ve found some awesome pairs there, but they don’t seem to last. This time I shopped around, Target failed me in the “comfy” aspect and weren’t that flattering on me, but H&M on the other hand got 2 thumbs up + 8 fingers and all toes! Find those (here). The Target ones weren’t horrible but they didn’t fit me as snug as a pair of handy me down ones that I’d been gifted. H&M on the other hand had plenty of colors, more sizing options, styles and different fits! I loved the super skinny jeans.






  1. Maternity Tops –

Unfortunately not wearing a top in public is frowned upon. So since we should all probably be covering up, especially this time of year, I’ll let you in on my favorite places to shop. I used to wear my regular non-maternity tops until they were unbearable my last 2 pregnancies but I embraced the maternity clothing way faster this time around. I got plain black and white maternity T’s & some fun cute styles at Target. This one in particular, from Target, I get a ton of compliments on. I’ve loved my tops from Pink Blush, and the best sweaters from H&M on clearance ($7) woo! Here’s an H&M shirt I’m eyeballing for the holidays!




  1. Cardigans –

I’ve had plenty of cardi’s already stocked in my closet my first two pregnancies but have since learned to style them with my ever growing bump! Pair with a solid T-shirt underneath & necklace and you’re good to go.




  1. Dresses –

I’ve never been that into dresses but after having 2 kiddos, not only are they super easy and convenient for church, but they’re also the comfiest things ever. I feel liberated. It’s almost as good as not wearing a top but with the whole decency thing covered. My favorite dresses have been from Pink Blush and Kimi & Kai. You can also get away with non-maternity dresses if they have the baby doll waist.




  1. Robe –

When thinking robes, I used to think bathrobe or the dress robe Ron Weasley had to wear for the Yule ball lol. Little did I know that they made them thin and breathable for lounging around the house. I’ve worn mine for the past 2 weeks, even though I told myself it was specifically for the hospital. It’s super convenient being comfy while I make my kids breakfast or just relaxing. Almost like one of Jakes comfy shirts but less revealing and a lot cuter!





  1. Maternity Winter Coat –

This one I thought I could live without, and I kind of survived without it my other 2 times, but now I don’t know why I did that to myself!! I was always cold going to work, grocery shopping, to holiday events, and just didn’t like to participate in anything because my bump was never fully covered. I’m pleased to say I went trick or treating with my kids, go on Target runs during snow epidemics, and don’t mind leaving the house now because I’m nice and toasty. Not to mention this coat is adorable, and I’ve gotten so many compliments. I truly wish I would have purchased it with my first babe.





  1. Jewelry –

I guess I’m not the most social pregnant person because I feel kind of frumpy. This time I made an effort to get ready the days I felt especially icky. The fastest way I’ve found to feel cuter is a simple outfit with some rocking jewelry. The best part is, I won’t have a timeline for when I’ll need to stop wearing these! I can rock them post partum too! My faves are from DownEast & Target.

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