American Fork Amphitheater

Hi, I'm Lily Higgins and I'm 24. Welcome to my little slice of heaven.

If you're looking for a mom who has it down pat, you've come to the wrong place. Props to those amazing women who do, but I'm just not that COOL mom. Sometimes I like to pretend I am, but full disclosure, I'm not haha. I'm just your average mama figuring it out, just like you!


If you've ever felt your life is hard and you're struggling to juggle the many hats a mom wears while everyone else seems to have there stuff together, then you'll fit right in. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! Lets be friends.


Why did YOU start a blog?

It's silly but I truly feel as if I have things under "control" more now, with 2 kids, than I ever did when it was just me & Jake. Weird right?! I'm still learning how this mom thing works, and I'll be the first to admit most days I don't know what I'm doing. But even though my life is constant chaos, I've figured out a few things and would love to pass the proverbial torch to other mamas.


I want to share my experiences, style, and awesome finds with the rest of you in hopes that I help at least one person.